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Band Biographies: TERROR PARADE

Terror Parade is fronted by Zichxyna on lead vocals, her powerful haunting Demonic vocals cut through with razor sharp precision and add a aggressive raw edge to the music of Terror Parade. Zichxyna’s style and biggest influence comes from Japanese music especially Visual Kei, which those unfamiliar with the style creates persona and style reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Zichxyna will take you take you through a vocal experience that will leave you spellbound. Zichxyna is not to be ignored she will demand every ounce of your attention. Zichxyna will take you through a vocal experience that will leave you spellbound.

The Driving Rhythm section of Terror Parade consists of Madman on Guitar a sinister performer that will leave you wondering if you are his next victim.

Darkness on Bass an intimidating performer punching out grinding bass lines and deathly vocals to match.There is no doubt Darkness is from another dimension.

Nightwalker on Drums with his hands of death is the back bone of Terror Parade’s rhythm section. you will never know when the Nightwalker will appear from the fog.
Terror Parade will take you down it's one way street to hell a journey that know one ever escapes.

The Good, The Bad,The Evil are all Welcome.

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