Interviews: THE ALIVE

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Hard Rock/Rock band, 
THE ALIVE from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?

The name really comes from the mindset that I’ve always had and tried to embody. Rock N Roll has always been meant to be played with excitement, bigger than life, and even a little danger. We play hard and loud giving the audience something to get into something to be alive with.

2.Why did you want to play this genre?

It’s what gets our blood pumping. We have just as much fun playing our music as people have coming to see us play. It’s not just some guys on stage going through the motions its a movement. We want to show the world that rock music is still very much alive and a force.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

I've known Tye (guitar) for years from other bands in the local area but till now we’ve never been able to get together. When the opportunity to grab him up came around I didn’t hesitate. Wes (vocals and bass) I’d never met before but through the grape vine, so to speak, I got an audition video where he sang some Quiet Riot and was hitting all the notes just like the late great Kevin DuBrow, so that alone told me he was my guy. I was very relieved when I met him and he fit the band. Lucky he could also play bass guitar because that position has been very difficult to fill.

4. Each band member favourite band?

Tracy - KISS

Wes - Motley Crue

Tye - Children of Bodom Tye is our hardcore guy...ha

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?

Truthfully we are inspired from as little as the beginning of a cool guitar riff, a movie we all like, or sometimes it’s just a very random idea or concept that pops up. We try to avoid becoming to involved with writing about politics or things like that. There is enough bands out there that do that so we just stick to fast cars, pretty girls, and having fun.

6. Where was your last gig?

Since covid hit we had a long dry spell for live music but the scene seems to be opening back up. It’s the same thing most bands across the globe had had to deal with. We made our debut back to the stage on May 1st and have more shows coming. It’s gonna be a little slow for a while but things will get back or back the best they can. 2022 just be prepared because next year THE ALIVE is going big and going to be everywhere.

7. Where would you like to act?

We just want to play for people so there isn’t really one place sticking out more than another except maybe The Whiskey a go go but that’s like the pinnacle venue in history for a rock band.

8. Whom would you like to feature with?

That’s a long list of bands we would love to share the stage with from top to bottom. I mean who wouldn’t want to open for Metallica...So James when your ready let’s talk...ha

9. Whom not?

There really isn’t anyone we wouldn’t play a show with. As long as everyone is cool so are we. We’ve shared the bill with hip hop artist and thrash metal bands so we can handle pretty much anything thrown at us.

10. Any of you has ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?

Not really stage fright but there are still those nights we get a little nervous. Sometimes playing in a new venue we’ve never played at, can be a little nerve-racking but all in all we are ready to get our asses on stage and rock the house. We would tell any beginner to just focus on the music and not the crowd. Your gonna get cheers your gonna get haters it’s just part of the game. Don’t worry so much about fucking things up because you will. Just don’t look back and keep lighting those fires.

11. What bands have inspired you the most?

Once again that’s a pretty long list but KISS, Motley Crue, Van Halen, T Rex, New York Dolls, Rolling Stones, and so on.

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for?

Well Tye got himself a stalker for awhile so there’s that...ha

13. What do you think of your fans?

We love our fans there our life blood our aliveTRIBE. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 people or 500 we love seeing those crazy people out there getting their groovy selves wild.

14. What do you think of our site?

We appreciate you guys keeping Rock n Roll alive and helping spread the word for new bands and music. It takes a small army sometimes to keep things out there and sites like yours are a big help.

15. Something to add?

Lastly just putting it out that we are stoked to be working with Sliptrick Records and releasing our album under the label. We will be entering the studio May 24th with producer Dillon Taylor to get things kicked off so the world better get ready for THE ALIVE to be TURNED UP TO DESTROY!

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