Track By Tracks: Archangel A.D. - Casus Belli (2021)

1. Bet on Death:

“Bet on Death” is a song about gambling and bar fights. In essence, it is a tribute to Motorhead, but with our own spin on it. The song itself talks about people living life on the edge and getting into trouble just for fun, causing mayhem and being rowdy and facing the consequences.

2. Casus Belli:

The title track for our new album. This song talks about medieval warfare and the strategy and ruthlessness that goes on behind the scenes. Casus Belli translates from latin to “A cause for war”, and the song speaks about rulers and conquerors fabricating reasons to go to war. As the song develops and changes into the second section, that is where we find our “battle scene” with charges and swords and shields clashing, pretty standard stuff for an Archangel A.D. song.

3. Beacons:

“Beacons” takes a lot of influence from Lord of the Rings. The main plot of the song revolves around the kingdom of Gondor and how they are the main bulwark against the wrath of Sauron. It is never directly addressed in the song (I like to be vague), but the song is about a group of watchers or keepers that protect the world from darkness and evil. It talks about the desperateness of the times and how “the beacons are lit” to call for aid.

4. Pluto’s Lament:

This song is a bass solo that just sort of formed on its own. I (Justin the bassist) had been messing around with some chords on my bass and started just plucking them in a pattern and thought it sounded nice. Eventually, I formed a little melody and showed it to the guys and they liked it enough to say that it should go on the album. The music itself makes me feel alone as if I’m drifting in nothingness and the warmth of the sun is just out of reach. It can be alluded to the planet Pluto, or the Roman god of the underworld (Pluto) who are both lonely and forlorn.

5. Celestion:

We wrote this song with the intention to go fast. “Celestion” took shape one afternoon where I came in with an initial idea for a riff (the opening) and we all collaborated to write the song. It all happened in the afternoon. The song itself is about a space mercenary who goes around dominating any battlefield he finds himself on. Whether hunting a single target or leading a squadron of starfighters in a space battle, “Celestion” has a name that is known and feared throughout the galaxy.

6. Sangre de las Montañas:

This song, sung entirely in Spanish, is about facing one's fears and finding the courage to overcome them. You find yourself at the foot of a mountain; cold, afraid, and aching from an already hard climb. Everything in you wants to stop, but there is something that just wants to keep fighting. You work, and you hurt, until eventually, you find yourself at the top, master of the mountain and your own self doubt.

7. Demonolith:

This song is about finding something hidden that should not be found or ever messed with. A group of excavators or archaeologists happen upon an ancient monolith in a desert that has many indecipherable runes and hieroglyphs. As they investigate further they start to become more corrupt and wrathful and obsessed with the monolith until eventually, they start worshipping the monolith themselves. Some are aware enough to know what is happening, but it is already too late, as the demonolith has already taken them and they themselves have been carved into the very stone that they were inspecting.

8. Blasphemer:

“Blasphemer” is another high-intensity song full of speed and aggression. The story of this song talks about a scholar, or clergyman who countered the ideology of his cloth, and found himself persecuted for it. He knows he did nothing wrong as do his accusers, but nevertheless, he is to be executed for his heresy. Ultimately the song is about people being misjudged and written off for saying something contrary to a popular belief.

9. Door to the Moon:

This is a very emotional song. The lyrics talk about a journey to the afterlife. You wake up and find yourself in a strange place, not understanding what is happening or where you are. You see the cosmos and eternity and can’t quite grasp the immensity of your situation and keep asking this person, or more of a feeling, to take you home. Eventually, you gain your senses and you start to realize what has happened to you, and you find comfort in the hand of your guide who walks you through the door to your eternal resting place, the door to the moon.

10. The Coming of the West Wind:

This is a hard song for me to pinpoint. It could mean many things to many different people. For me, it talks about deception; people deceiving you, you deceiving people, being deceived by the world. Eventually, you take a step back and reflect on who it is that you are and who you wanna be, who is it that is truly affecting your life? Is it the people you constantly blame? Or is it you, and has it always been you? You can feel the winds of change, but you cannot tell if that is a deception as well

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