Track By Tracks: DEADWOLFF - DEADWOLFF (2021)

1. Walking On Nails:

This is a song that is written about city life, fast love. It’s a hard-rockin' tune that just makes you wanna go out and party. “Downtown love gonna change and rip and tear”.

2.Double Up:

This tune is pretty straightforward. It’s a song about gambling. How good and bad it can feel. Another song that you wanna throw on repeat a couple of times.

3. Pedal To The Metal:

This catchy, memorable track is a super fun song. To listen to, and to play. Definitely one of the favorites on the EP. Musically, it took the longest to write, but the lyrics seemed to flow when writing those. Knowing heartbreak, it’s easy to write about.

4. Wanted Man:

This track was actually the first song that was ever written for Deadwolff. It’s a song about owing money. It's fast. Just like you need to be to dodge the debt sometimes.

5. Six To Midnight:

Six to midnight could be considered “a love song". Musically, it’s a really fun song to play. With how the bass and guitar play off of each other, and the off-time fills during the verses, it's definitely the wild card of the EP.

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