Track By Tracks: Death Perception - Ashes (2021)

1. Bleed to Death:

Lyrics: Kyle/Dana

This song is about losing your mind. Maybe murdering someone along the way.
“Just watching you die is so in depth, I laugh as I watch you hold your breath”

2. Scars Over Skin:

Lyrics: Kyle/Dana

This song is about war. I think Kyle was watching too much tv at the time.
“Rotting flesh peeling from bone, knives dug deep inside their womb”

2. In Plain Sight:

Lyrics: Kyle/Nathan/Dana/Ryan Martin

This song is about government control. The hidden agenda that is in motion behind the scenes.

“Contract annihilation the voices of the cavalcade, shaping political figures masses to manipulate”

3. No Tears for the Dead:

Lyrics: Kyle

This is about some middle eastern war horrors. The nasty things that happen to people.

“Emptiness my home destroyed, stop at nothing to fill the void”

4. Crimson Darkness:

Lyrics: Dana

Although this is a personal song about life changes, it has some allusions to historical events.

Templars, Vikings, they all make small appearances.

“Crimson darkness guide my path, I take this plight by Templars passed”

5. The Kill:

Lyrics: Dana/Nathan

This is another song about death. I was researching the Armenian genocide when I wrote my part. I even put together a lyric video to go with an early demo of the song featuring extreme photos of war horrors from all around the world.

“My motive is to blind you with the stain of your regret, you continue to succumb to pain that you wont soon forget”

6. Wars:

Lyrics: Dana

I believe this is a song questioning organized religion. I love the lyrical tongue-twisters.

“Your sanctity is so depraved, so lost in a faith meant to enslave”

7. Vermin:

Lyrics: Nathan

This is another song about religion. Like a modern Pied Piper story.

“Their lives left devastated, now filled with guilt and hatred, you will never get the chance to repent”

8. Final Breath:

Lyrics: Nathan/Kyle

This is a song about the downfalls of addiction. Kyle’s dad passed away while we were demoing it and some of the my early themes fit really well with his dad’s story.

“You lie in quiet mourning remove your sense of pride, I stare into your eyes as they roll back inside”

9. Ashes to Mourn:

Lyrics: Dana/Nathan

Ashes is a song dedicated to the loss of Dana’s friend and music collaborator Keith. It is a message of the pain caused by suicide.

“To see this fucking world take you, makes me feel so far away”

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