Band Biographies: Bangkok Dollars

Bangkok Dollars is a band that can be described as a breath of fresh air in the rock scene due to the unique way they unite the past with the present. Soaring melodies and chorus hooks, reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s, are combined with a more modern and aggressive feel that leaves nobody cold.

The band was formed in 2013 and it consists of four fellas who share a mutual love and passion for rock and metal music. The band has made its way from small pubs to some of the most well-known stages of Finland. Passion and attitude are what makes Bangkok Dollars such a unique, wild and explosive live spectacle, something that every rock lover should see and hear!

The band’s debut album Roses And Ravens was released in 2019. The album gathered interest on the Finnish scene and it gave the band an opportunity to play in bigger venues and larger crowds. With an even stronger appetite for success, the group started to create a real hype around itself in the last half of 2020. Now, with a solid first album in place the band is eager to step up its game with the imminant release of their second album, Lost Souls, via Sliptrick Records.

Bangkok Dollars are:

Tino Veijalainen – Lead Vocals 
Janne Savolainen – Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Max Salkovuo – Bass/Backing Vocals
Mikko Salminen – Drums

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