Band Biographies: Nebulae

The Nebulae project was born in Caserta in 2014, when the singer Miriam Granatello engaged Antonio Masciandaro (bass), Eduardo Mazza (guitar) and Alfonso Mocerino (Drums), to start the first EP ‘Etere’ of the band, that was released in 2014. A conceptual project inspired by science, the universe and the nebulae in which the band takes its name.

In 2015 the frontgirl Miriam shared the stage in featuring with the world star Tatiana Shmayluk of JINJER in their very first Italian date, with which she will return in 2016 to share the stage. In addition, 2015 is an exceptional year for the Southern Italy quartet that shares the stage with bands such as Destrage, Infected Rain, Stormlord, Crazy Town and Cadaveria and 2018 with The Contortionist. The band in 2017 starts the production of the album “Carbon”, released in the spring of 2018.

Now Nebulae are ready to release their second work “Pulse” in 18th October via Time To Kill Records!

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