Band Biographies: Underball

The Underball project was founded from the need of five friends to indulge in unorthodox practices and play at very high volume with the precise intention of reviving an increasingly divided and emulative musical circuit. Dipping into different shades of Metal subgenres, Underball’s members make their looks and explicit themes their stong point, quickly distinguishing themselves for their shocking live performances.

Thanks to the five musicians’ powerful sound and experience, Underball soon came to share the stage with national and international artists such as Today Is the Day, Anvil, Insanity Alert, Negative Approach, Necrodeath, Impact, and many others.

After several tours around Italy, the quintet is about to present its first studio work in the coming months, with the promise of delivering the same power as the live performances in this full-length debut.

Metal, spandex, glitter, sex, and bad manners are about to collide and explode at the highest volume.

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