Behind The Artworks: Chaos Commute - Fairytales And Nightmares (2021)

“Fairytales and Nightmares” - a line from the song “Normal Day” in the record seemed fitting from the moment we considered album titles. Fitting for us and fitting for the album’s topics. So many experiences we made felt horrible in that moment, but they made us who we are. So many beautiful moments later turned into painful memories. So many news snippets we’re bombarded with every day constantly force us to immediately decide. We do not doubt the validity of news, but as many we are overwhelmed. Stories turn from breaking news into tragedies into forgotten bullet points within a matter of minutes while we’re still trying to figure out how we feel about them.

Two golden keys, crossed in the middle, seemed like the perfect analogy for us. In a literal sense, it is a visual oxymoron. Keys open doors and paths, crosses block them - a fairytale and a nightmare. Metaphorically speaking, for us those keys stand for forgiveness and closure. Of closing a door, opening one, of finding the key to letting go. The path to forgiving is both beautiful and painful. This album is about that process.

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