Track By Tracks: Evil In - An Ethereal Force Beyond (2021)

An Ethereal Force Beyond EP is about an ancient evil that is possessing humanity and turning them into demons. The evil is also using the dead on Earth by exhuming them up from their graves to help with the crusade against Earth. There is an immunity where some can’t get possessed and I am one of those people.

Macabre Deadly Friend - this tells the tale of one of the demons that befriends me because he can’t possess me. The ancient evil/king demon is angered by this situation and forever casts the demon into purgatory.

Ravager - this tells the tale of the immune humans and myself fighting off the demons by whatever means we have as the world falls into dark times. It is about the battle to save humanity as more and more demons appear on Earth.

This story all came about from my immense love of horror movies I’ve had since I was a child.

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