Track By Tracks: Falling Doves - Electric Doves (2021)

Art of letting go - This is a concept that resonates with man since the beginning man such an easy thing to say but the hardest thing to do, it is an exercise of ego and human mortality.

Hello Stars - it's a tune man about looking for consolation and seeking comfort in the acceptance of someone you love dying and just venting man, wrote it for my grandfather.

Dialing you - It's about the game people play and the agony of a breakup or waiting for the woman to come around and make up her mind.

Strange Love - about a girl breaking up with you and trying to come back into your orbit but you won't have it.

December took you away - it's about losing my grandfather sucks that holidays are the hardest to lose a loved one it can scar the month into your heart.

Something about her ways - new love and new exhilarating fun and how you lose yourself in its passion.

NYC - It's about reminiscing with an old lover through the streets of NYC.

Changes - well that's just it changes seems the theme of the album is a never-ending evolution.

Tomorrow night - is about losing a lover and just making love to her for the last time.

Don't have time - we end the album with a celebration of loss and we take our bag and sadness and anger and throw it all out and we complete the album with the end of that whole emotional rollercoaster I took you through.

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