Track By Tracks: Hellgrimm - The Hunger (2021)

1. Hunger:

This song is based on Henry Rollins' character Cain, (the original, Biblical figure) a repressed cannibal living in modern times in the 2015 film "He Never Died."

2. Monster in Me:

The lyrics of this song are dedicated to many people we know who are suffering from mental disorders. A version of this song will be featured in the series "Lowie Mortem - Chronicles of a Dead Detective" due out in 2022 on Netflix.

3. Train:

This song is a metaphor about heroin and the dangers/rush of drug use.

4. Plague:

Is dedicated to the people who come into our lives who we wish hadn't. The psychic vampires, the narcissists, the users, the moochers - all hail our destruction

5. Feeling Nothing:

This song is about someone who has lost all emotion through the abuse of past relationships and just wants to feel love again. There's also a double negative in the chorus of the song which implies that, while the singer claims to 'feel nothing,' the Freudian slip says otherwise.

6. Leatherface:

I am a huge fan of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movies and I always wanted to write a song about Leatherface. Here it is.

7. Dreamon - (Dream Demon):

Is an homage to all the creators in the horror genre. The people that write the novels, make the movies, and create the iconic monsters we all know and love.

8. Bottle I Drank:

The first time I heard Hank 3 doing "Pills I Took," originally done by Those Poor Bastards, I wanted to write a drinking song - enjoy!

9. Insidious:

Deals with how experiencing the supernatural affects us and makes us question our reality. Tears of Eve - is an acoustic piece I have been working on for a couple of years. One of my other projects is Morbid Tales (a Celtic Frost tribute). "Return to the Eve" influenced the choice of a title of my song. This song is an after-dinner mint, a lullaby, after the intensity of the other nine tracks on the album.

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