Track By Tracks: Metator - Akocedakor (2021)

About the philosophical death metal concept, we think the most extreme thematic is beyond the traditional blood-gore lyrics. No just guts, no serial killers, no monsters … so much abused. We search it in deep knowledge of reason, extreme existential crisis and similar on past, present, future and post-apocalypse.

This Lp was mean to be recorded around 2008 when the band was called Akocedakor. 10 tracks + 1 intro. The 1 st 8 belong to this 2008 set list, some of which to previous demos. Recording wasn’t possible as our drummer was as talented as addicted and disappeared being the rest of us recording on studio. I remember Apoptosis (guitar) and I went to his flat in Ripollet , Bcn, punching the interphone buttons:

- he…ee…llo…oow…?
- get your fucking ass to the studio, hellfucking asshole!
- nnn…ooo…nooo…way…2 weeks…without…sleep

nothing was released till Metator in 2019, 10 years after taking the old band name to record that set list …

1. Sound of dark matter:

Intro. Real audio archives of Nasa, electromagnetic signal bounced from deep space Hubble emissions to earth radio telescopes decoded into audio. Astrophysical academic domain source. We use it as musical base combining with 10 whammy bar high distortion guitars which mean to be an electro-lovecraftian effect, so cool opening for live shows. They were 10 whammy guitars, because if we make a sound system involving universe, it means to be a perfect mathematical numbers concept.

2. Akocedakor:

Belongs to “Kannabykon stuffed misión” 2004 demo, it’s the older song we play, and with which we always ritualistically open live shows. Recorded on 2004, but composed in 1998 as declaration of intent: we’ll be into most extreme metal we can conceive, as brutal as possible is our motto, and we need to expand our mind and life in order to reach it, as metal demands, in any way and with no psychological or healthy o substances limits. That also means sacrifice, will to suffer the hell of the day after. It’s the discipline of who knows the price to pay. Featuring W.D., pseudonym of White Devil, also pseudonym, my master on metal guitar, legendary guitar player and drug abuser, on lead whammy guitar solo. He always prefer keep anonymity. Massive Apoptosis on chorus.

3. The unexpected beauty of deformity:

From “Afronta tu destino … Observa tu intestino” 2006 demo. M. Apoptosis was Akocedakor’s guitar, he created and mastered the “brutal picking” style, unorthodox and painfully way. So talented and motivated extreme musician, “I can do it more brutal” always said. He created the contemplation of entropy idea of this song: what we see as our existence, is corrosion of reality, “ominous, gastric, unexpected, …” . We co-created this song, and he recorded the chorus as we use during Akocedakor times. The interlude was recorded with old Spanish guitar tuned on C, which was an experimental point.

4. Suprema agonía:

As brutal as possible. I think it’s the most dramatic song we wrote. Focus the momentum of historic absolute drama when Alexander the great kills his beloved master the old Parmenion for mandatory war reasons, and how a true warrior faces the execution: arrogant and derogatory. Special super loud-bass effect by Mr. Ax from Axtudios, Bcn, mix and master.

5. Kea:

Smoke in euskera language. About “socio-political war” we live in our country vs Spanish fascists oppressors. These lyrics are based on Gabriel Aresti poem “Nire aitaren etxea” (the house of my father). We tried to compress all that rage in this song, true rage, not hairstyle o crab poser thing, shuffling some blast beats in order to break abused patterns and become more than mere duplication of others. Try to imagine how much we hate: they can beat and burn you, but even then we can hurt them, our smoke can choke them and our ashes blind them … Voices on poem verses by Karla Laredo, freedom activist and my beloved wife.

6. I la foscor li va cobrir els ulls:

This one in catalonian language, the most pursuit in the Spanish fascist state. About bestial passages from Homer’s Illiad big battle which is really gore, with literal verses. Sextuplets and mid tempo, very fast and very slow. Intro based on “Gift of fury” by Basil Poledouris.

7. Reencarnado en tormenta:

Talks about a smoke wolf reborn in storm but in fact is about the death of my dog and brother Bilbo. He was killed. Then, it stormily rains by 2 weeks steadily. I like to think that in some way he remains in the storm, so when I get any storm always let it soak me, as Bilbo used licking me. I’ll remember all his suffering. We’ll met again when I return to the One, where he is waiting for us with our others dogs. In the meantime we sworn to play this song. Intro from “Here we go” by Michael McCann in Deux Ex video game, an excellent neo-technology post-apocalyptic ost.

8. Kannabykon:

This was the name of the first band I created, abandoned before Akocedakor but not forgotten. About a version of Necronomicon book of the Dead written in blood, but the book of kannabis written in blood instead, and getting the true way through hallucinations of the night. It’s a Buddha monks deprivation way contraposition with the excess way. Pure spiritual tragedy.

9. Cabalgando los torbellinos:

Riding mental storm whirlwinds was the name complete for this song, the last of “Afronta …” 2006 demo and that close Akocedakor set list. Another way to reach trinocular vision of all possible lines of pasts, presents and futures simultaneously, if hadn’t enough with Kannabykon. Based in Herbert’s ’65 Dune novel, where the people get it through spice melange. Grappling the reality desperately when feel the imprecise distortion of experience.

10. Fraktalizer:

In 2015 I wrote “Philosophic death metal” demo, witch was recorded the next year as Metator one man band. During that year we arrange a 4 musician band in order to develop that stuff. What a bundle: Monkey Metal, current guitar and bro in Metator, ex Virulentos, …; Skeleton Grinder, guitar and misfit from bands like Morbid Flesh and I, … and our old friend drummer who disappeared 9 years ago, “Líneas”. But they told me -“new stuff cool, but we’d like to play the old Akocedakor thing”- “really? eons after?” –“lets try it, yeah”-. Nothing was done … but this new song, music by them and lyrics by me. I figured out a name for the fractal generation style that Monkey is able to play, extreme skill on progressive rhythm generating riffs from previous riffs eternally like a nervous maniac. The song was recorded and included expressly in Akocedakor Lp, ‘cause the flame that burned deserved it.

11. Bomber:

As philosophic death metal band, Metator finish their Lp’s about death, and was arranged a Manowar cover in honor to Scott Columbus. Then Lemmy died. So decided on this song and it means to be a party. Featuring from Beryllium Janet on voices and Lolo on 2nth guitar solo (after this they got twins), and Vali from Morbid flesh, who drank 4-5 lt. of beer (all my amount in La Tinaja del Cínico, my studio where this was recorded), and not seemed enough, recorded some grind voices too.

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