Track By Tracks: Sorrow Enthroned - The Grave Of Endless Writhing (2021)

1. This is an instrumental, the title states the theme of the concept of the ep.

2. Here we begin in Hell, with the mournful cries of the damned heralding the approach of a certain ancient deity. Some schools of thought say that hell is the subconscious mind, rife with the mistakes and regrets of our past. These inner voices fluctuate between whispers and screams and can drag us to the grave. I drew inspiration musically from Necrot, I went for a more straight forward death metal approach here.

3. Spoken from the perspective of a negative conception of a Satan, he proclaims his dominance over the lower material world. He plans to ascend to earth through possession of a mortal with a knack for corpse fucking. There are some mid paced death metal sections. He represents the ego, and works to deceive some minds through grand proclamations of superiority.

4. A man who became infatuated with the dead through his profession in the medical field to the point of erotic cannibalism gets possessed by Satan. This link between man, corpse, and god serves as a gateway for the lower demons to take form. The song is more fast paced and chaotic at times, representing the emotions driving the foul deeds done by the subject.

5. We see the damned children of the devil materialize through the womb of a dead woman. Their nature is of the essence of rot, which gradually chew and devour our hearts, minds and flesh. At this point of the story, the subconscious demonic entities ravage earth (earth being symbolic for man)

6. The title track is told from the perspective of one of the last men on earth in a post apocalyptic scenario. This song symbolizes the pain and emptiness of loss, when all of ones hopes and dreams are crushed and yet the cursed sun still rises. Forever writhing against Father Time and the great god death with countless other dead souls feigning life. There is a little bit of brutal death metal at times with a few different rhythms.

7. One of the things that constitutes a man is a stream of generational trauma and habitual impulses. In the myth of Cain, he slew his brother, and he is the father of all murderers, we who slay ourselves and our minds to ascend continually. This is the basis of evolution. This is one of three songs that uses the double harmonic major scale, and so there is a bit of tension at times.

8. Once these demons ascend to the cosmos, they are free to do as they will. This is more melodic song, fast at times, and concludes with a pair of clean guitars. Symbolic of our lower forces taking complete control of our outside environment, this track represents complete defeat (yet victory for the demons).

9. We again see the ancient entity feared by every generation that came before us. Death, the great eraser, forever supreme in man and earth. A lot of mans subconscious fear comes from the thought that the ego will die, and all that makes the individual an individual will be lost. The remedy for this is the building up of the ego in the form of working, eating, living life etc. these are nothing more than bandages for deadly wounds as they only delay the inevitable. Therefore, all that man strives for is to be one with his god, his redeemer from this fear, and the name of this god is death (yet he does not know it by this title). This is the slowest track on the ep, with a small touch of doom death metal.

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