Band Biographies: Mindesign

Mindesign, a five-piece metalcore/deathcore band from Riga, Latvia that contains likeminded people with a wide vision of the metal genre and music in general. We have been alive and kicking since 2015 and still going strong. We became friends and we made friends. During this incredible journey, we have played many local shows, been abroad, released a debut album called “FILTH”. Recently Mindesign has done a lot of work to improve the technical side of their performance and now slowly but steadily we are going towards our second album release.

Mindesign consists of Jānis Naglis (vocals), Dainis Kļaviņš (guitars, vocals), Kristiāns Voitkevičs (drums), Edgars Ceplis (bass), and Edgars Meijers (guitars).

Since 2015. we have shared the stage with such bands as One Morning Left (FIN), Writing The Future (SWE), Disregard (SWE), Chasing The Rise (LT), Beneath My Feet (SWE), Resolution 13 (SWE), Obedient Chaos (FIN), HeadUp (PL), ANIMUS MORTIS (CHL), Māra (LAT), Sever (LAT), Preternatural (LAT), Horror Dance Squad (EST), Carry The Weight (FIN), Varang Nord (LAT), Damage SFP (FIN), Event Relentless (FIN) and many more.

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