Band Biographies: NORMORIA

NORMORIA is an American/Swedish band whose seductive sound is a fusion of many elements: primarily dark electro and rock-Industrial. The music is a big blend of dark styles, amplified by Johan’s rumbling bass and Gustav’s enigmatic guitar, as well as their charismatic frontwoman Angel Moonshine’s versatile vocals, and dramatic aesthetics. Expressive power, hauntingly catchy melodies, and a combination of obscure energized sounds, are signature features of the band that combined make NORMORIA distinct and outside of the traditional.

NORMORIA is a band that among writing about different topics, is characterized for standing up against discrimination, and for being an advocate to animal rights. While at the same time keeping the high energy electronic heavy beats for the dance floor.

NORMORIA was founded in 2016 by lead vocalist and songwriter, Angel Moonshine. But it wasn’t until 2017 that all the members came together as a band. Between 2018 and 2019, NORMORIA was honored to perform at numerous popular festivals. Then 2019 saw the band going in a new direction with a heavier sound, they released two new singles and videos for the tracks, "You Gotta Get Out" and "I Wanted You".

In 2020 ,NORMORIA released their single "The Cost Of Freedom'' which was in the German DAC for 8 weeks. They also released their second EP titled, Voyage. The music on Voyage travels into a heavier, more raw territory while keeping the band's signature dark sound and the electronic elements that characterize the band. 2020 also brought the band to appear in online festival streams.

The new year 2021 continued with Covid-19 ravaging the world. But like most bands around the world, NORMORIA didn't let it stop them. Moreover, the forthcoming months will prove to be some of NORMORIA's most promising.

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