Behind The Artworks: Epoch Of Chirality - Pyramid Cybergod (Single) (2021)

The AMAZING album artwork for Nucleosynthesis was created by Stan W-Decker. He's worked on a lot of excellent rock and metal album covers before, and I was really looking for someone that could nail the Sci-fi aspects and have enough depth to do the music justice. I initially passed him some ideas to do with my concept behind 'chirality' which basically refers to something having a mirror image of itself or being left or right handed. I took this and kind of blended it with a few ideas I had to do with dark and light, good and evil etc and also just threw in this crazy Sci-fi nonsense to do with a doomsday cult on a distant planet that worshiped a black hole that was taking over their minds - the usual stuff!
After a few months Stan got back to me with a 'first draft' and that is basically what you see today! I couldn't believe it haha. He just produced this amazing piece of work that includes a lot of chiral-type ideas like the left-to-right split, the upper and lower sections of this dystopian city, some kind of crazy power source, and... the insidious black hole! Plus it looks like something that would feature on an early 20th century science fiction novel, so once again yeah he just nailed it! Super special. You should buy the CD though because that also has some variations on the CD itself plus the inside covers. Just sayin!

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