Behind The Artworks: ETERNAL SILENCE - Timegate Anathema (2021)

The main theme that inspired the lyrics of this album is Time.

Time as the pace of life, time that gives a rhythm to the music, time as a nerve of existence, the ticking of a clock that brings back distant memories. The future developing through uncertainty and hope that flies on the wings of time.

Time giving life to seasons, during which we struggle to give a sense to our hurry.

The image of time is represented by the two-faces god Janus, the divinity that looks backward and forward, guardian of thresholds, passages, chances, and who holds the keys of the flow of events.

The artist who draws this amazing piece of art is Hans Trasid from Disart Design, he also made the artwork for our previous album Chasing Chimera and Mastermind Tyranny.

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