Behind The Artworks: IMARI TONES - Nabeshima (2021)

Since the moment we decided to call this album “Nabeshima”, we have wondered and tried many things to make the right artwork. Apparently, it’s based on the old “Nabeshima porcelain” from the 17th century. We went to some museum and asked them if we could use the photos of the Nabeshima pottery. We went to the shop and asked if they could let us use their old porcelain. But it didn’t really work well.

Eventually we decided to go our own way and make an artwork “inspired by” the old porcelain. And when it’s done, it has become more spiritual. It has become something unique. And it is more like Imari Tones.

This cover art with red and blue circles, it’s loosely based on the actual Nabeshima porcelain. But it’s so loose, probably people wouldn’t notice without an explanation. It looks like 2 dragons, red and blue, chasing each other. It’s spiritual and lovely at the same time.

Because this album is a double album, actually we made another cover art for Disc2. The booklet has a reversible design and you can see the second cover art when you flip it over. It’s also based on the actual old Nabeshima porcelain from the 17th century. This one is a little bit more obvious, but I still doubt people will notice without an explanation.

It was a long hard way until we made this album, not only the music but also the artwork. But all in all we are happy with the finished product because they are spiritual, traditional, and unique at the same time.

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