Behind The Artworks: LIOTTA SEOUL - Cool (2021)

The artwork for the single pays homage to one of David Blaine’s signature acts: Sticking a needle through his hand. In order to have the cover in line with the rest of our artwork, we took two analogue photographs of our bassist Luke with the ends of the needle glued to his hand. When the photos came back from the lab, I (Sven - guitarist) removed the glue from the hand via photoshop. I separated the background of the photograph and put it on top of that monochrome red shape you can see.
Our logo was made with felt-tip pens in a version of my hand-writing and to compliment that I created a font consisting of hand-writing in the same style.
Additionally you can use a special Liotta-Seoul-David-Blaine sticker on Instagram. Just search for “Liotta Seoul” in the GIF menu and you’ll find our signature hand-piercing GIF.

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