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Behind The Tracks: ABSTRACTED - Wither To Dust (Single) (2021)

“Wither to Dust” is the second preview of the quintet's debut full-length, “Atma Conflux,” which will be released worldwide later this year. Says the band, “'Wither to Dust' talks about the moment when you are facing the fears, agony and wounds that you carry in your life's journey. Tibetan Buddhism and Gnosis are references that we approach in this song. The cover art for the single by the artist Fernando Kao brings the representations of this state between death and rebirth. The song is part of a concept story, narrating the path of the protagonist, showing his thoughts and experiences in this spiritual journey. Old-school thrash/death riffs, melodic guitars with a power metal feel, '80s synth prog solos, deathcore riffs and modern breakdowns are the background for this trip inside the protagonist's mind. We hope you all enjoy it, because we are delivering with all our hearts."

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