Behind The Tracks: As We Are - All I Ever Wanted (Single) (2021)

"All I Ever Wanted" is our third single, released on June 18th. The song is about the desire to be free, to abandon fears and not having to change for others.

It comes from an improvised guitar riff written by our bass player, and then rearranged in production phase. During quarantine, we had expirienced songwriting and production at home. The social distancing and the whole situation helped us to write the song and to find the inspiration to conceptualize our feelings and our ideas. We wrote All I Ever Wanted in a few months, and when finally we had the chance to see each other again, the song was ultimated and than recorded in our studio, where we entirely made the production and recordings of the song. In the meantime, we have written and recorded other songs aswell, but we decided to release this song as first in 2021 because it's a new style and we wanted to contextualize the progressive change of our music. In fact, it is evident on the official music video, where we go over our fear to be mentally enclosed and we pass through the door that brings us to our special place, represented by the beach. Even our outfits communicates the same change, swapping from total black to total white. The song's concept was born with our need to change, in both personal and artistic ways. For all this reason this song is very important to us and determinates a big starting point of our career. We dedicate it to all the people that are afraid to make a big life changing decision or, in general, that is afraid to change. We encourage you to be confident of yourselves, you are all you need, and the greatest luck in your life.

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