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Behind The Tracks: Brilliant Coldness - Phantasm (Single) (2021)

Phantasm is a psychological excursion into the subconscious of a person. Philosophical reflection and exploration of depths and dark spots in the spiritual and intellectual life of the individual, the ego. This is a look from the heights of heaven at the very phenomenon of the life of a thinking creature from his birth to death, as well as beyond the line of physical being. The author of the lyrics of this song is Oleksandr Umurzakov (Mor-bass guitar), and he is extremely prone to very deep philosophical reflections, multifaceted and comprehensive psychological research. The author of the music for this track is Serhii Udovenko (Angel-guitars), and in alliance with this lyric we got an amazingly beautiful diamond that adorns the crown of the album "The ultimate dream. Plan "B": Disposal of humanity".

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