Behind The Tracks: Call To The Faithful - Animals (Single) (2021)

Animals is an anti-establishment call-to-arms. An anthem written just before lockdown that was inspired by our ongoing disdain and distrust of our leaders that continue to promote division and hatred.

From the moment the track opens you’re hit with huge guitar riffs and heavy drums before Matt’s vocal performance grows ever more angry, culminating in a chorus not unlike you might expect on an Idles or Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes record.

Written prior to the events of 2020 that unfolded into eventual lockdown, it’s hard not to draw the parallels from the lyrics that many will be feeling now - “They keep us locked in cages. They take away our light”. Released just days before the expected removal of lockdown measures, it’s easy to imagine the message will resonate with a listener made to stay inside for much of the last year.

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