Behind The Tracks: Depraved Will - Alone In Existence (Single) (2021)

We are happy to announce that Alone In Existence marks our third ever release! Already written some years ago, we are excited to finally put it out for the public to enjoy. The track was written following from some years of experience as a band. As our interconnection grew, we wanted to challenge ourselves by writing a technically demanding song, which became Alone in Existence. While our previous releases ‘Darkened Horizon’ and ‘Cycle of Fear’ focused on atmospheric melody, this one takes a more direct approach in an experience that packs a punch. Alone In Existence takes you on a journey through a landscape of impressive riffs and melodic choruses, before culminating in a brutally groovy breakdown to close off the track, as our fans are probably used to from us! With this one, we hope to prove our ability to master multiple styles within the metal genre, and merge them into a unique, modern sound.

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