Behind The Tracks: Epoch Of Chirality - Pyramid Cybergod (Single) (2021)

Pyramid Cybergod originally evolved from these little bundles of ideas that make up the main melodies, at a time when I’d just been binge watching 80s sci-fi movies and was really getting into composing with keys rather than just metal guitar riffs… even though they are still awesome! I kind of creeped myself out sitting in the dark playing these really haunting Egyptian sounding scales and messing around with synthesizers haha. Then the massive chorus full of hope just fell out of my mind and I was lucky enough to capture it before it vanished again! Honestly, it still gives me chills listening to it, so I feel I did something right there, but just don't ask me to explain what - sometimes magic happens!

Once the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sections existed, it really painted this whole picture in my brain of an evil cyborg overlord offset against the simple humans doing their bidding. So that's what the very rigid and cold parts vs the more organically flowing parts represent... man vs machine! As the song moves on, there's a sense of building and achievement as the pyramid complex gets bigger, with the drums and guitar coming in and it turning into this huge anthem that I'd love to see in front of 10,000 people! Eventually there's a real culmination of the different elements, and it's seriously cheesy, but it's kind of a moment where I thought ohhh actually the Cybergod was benevolent all along and he's caring and protecting of his people haha. Yes, this is how my mind works!

In terms of the rest of the song, it took me a long long time to make it flow as well as it does. I had the core sections laid out, but with them being so different I had lots of failed attempts to link them up and to build the song in the right way - much like the fictional pyramid complex! There were difficulties with the varying syncopated rhythms, the balance of synths to guitars and the decisions on the actual sounds, but most of all it was just hard to get the emotions to flow properly in a way that didn't annoy me. Then it just suddenly worked and now I love it - also thanks to Brett Caldas-Lima from Tower Studio that did a really amazing job with the mixing and mastering that still blows me away! Just the amount of clarity in all the different layers and the space that he achieved... epic.

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