Behind The Tracks: Kesem - No Future (Single) (2021)

Jay: The artwork is a metaphorical representation of the album concept. Loosely anyways. The background image, aka strange green rocks and pink skies, represent the new planet we were seeking out, and the triangles with the astronomical images inside are meant to be a sort of portal or doorway to space. Of course those triangles kind of have the same shape as a spaceship as well, so I guess it can be up to each person’s interpretation. It can be both.

Josh: The song No Future sets up the concept of the entire album. We went into the studio after the insurrection in the capital, and living through a pandemic the year before. We were inspired to write a song about stealing a rocket and partying in space with like minded people to get away from all the insanity and start a new life on a new planet. The music builds up and ends with frustration of the future being so terrible and transitions to how we will make our own future somewhere in space. Here we are in 2021, no flying cars, no androids, we do not live on another planet, all these rich people getting even richer while playing around with space travel in what looks like some wealth competition, while the rest of us are trying to get by with everything costing more and more.

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