Behind The Tracks: KRAVE - ‘Take Your Bow’ and ‘Red Flag’ (Singles) (2021)

Siana Davis speaks on the new single "My lyric writing for ‘Take Your Bow’ and ‘Red Flag’ both share a tender and emotional construction that was channeled from a fragile experience in my life. ‘Take Your Bow’ is about the inner conflict of mental health and being forced into feelings of self rejection and neglect that can ultimately lead to one’s breaking point. In many ways it can sometimes feel easier to give in and be past the point of no return which is a very scary state of being. ‘Red Flag’ is a song full of riddles, metaphors and encrypted phrases. I want listeners to make their own interpretation of this song. I poured so much of my pain into it, and at the time I did not know if I was going to wake up the next morning because of severe mental health battles at the time. Admitting you need help is ok, and that just may save someone who needed to hear that they are not alone and there is always a way to keep on living"

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