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Behind The Tracks: STEREO TRAGEDY - A Bridge Too Far (Single) (2021)

"When we wrote this song, we really wanted to bring something that was consistent with high energy that carries the listener effortlessly from beginning to end, a catchy melody that would be easy for people to sing a long to answer enjoy, and a song that the listener would want to hear “one more time” immediately after the song ended. We hope to have achieved that with this song.” Says guitarist Jacob Bibee.

When listening back to the track, roughly recorded, the idea of vocals came up, Jacob recounts. "Obviously I wasn't going to get in the way of anything Bjorn "Speed" Strid was going to write, being that he's the expert, so the entire album vocally is what Bjorn was hearing and made sense to him. In this first single, he brings everything from the lowest of low growls to the highest screams and awesome chorus melodies! Something else I would add is that, anyone that has been through rough times in life is going to relate to this song. Bjorns lyrics are transparent and on point."

Thomas "Plec" Johansson, owner and producer at The Panic Room Studios, did an outstanding job mixing and mastering the entire record and you'll feel his expertise when listening to the track.

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