Behind The Tracks: TREASVRE - Storm (Single) (2021)

As a band with five members and multiple musical influences, it’s easy to get lost in the writing process and end up with a song or piece of music that has no real message. TREASVRE is constantly striving to stay connected to their own music by conveying honest and emotional themes that their audience can relate to. Whether through the unique choice of sounds they weave throughout the intro to “Storm,” or the authenticity of the lyrics, the band hopes the listener has a chance to reflect upon their own feelings, as well as get to know TRESVRE on a more personal level while listening to their music.

“Storm” is a conversation between lovers that starts slow, but quickly ramps up to a powerful ultimatum. It tells the story of holding a loved one accountable. The first voice in the song revels in their own reckless dysfunction, lazily appealing to their partner to accept them, along with all their flaws. The second voice demands action, essentially saying, “look, you have to deal with your emotional baggage if this relationship is going to continue.” It’s a message about owning up to our toxic traits and being compelled to be better people for the sake of the ones we love. It isn’t always easy admitting our own faults, let alone doing the work to change them -- but it’s so important to take care of our relationships and ourselves by maintaining our mental health and striving to be the best versions of who we are.

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