Track By Tracks: ETERNAL SILENCE - Timegate Anathema (2021)

1. The Way Of Time:

It's a long power metal track where every element of the album is fully expressed. The lyrics tells about an intimate meditation, about the awareness of being just small grains of dust carried in the coils of the immensity of time. The god Janus, which appears in the artwork of the album, represents the guardian between our limitation and the infinite.

2. Edge Of The Dream:

Edge Of The Dream is a powerful song, with heavy riffing and a strong orchestral section. The alternation between female and male vocals designs a catchy melody together with the inserts of the choir. In the lyrics we look behind our past and what led us through these years. With an eye to who we were and to all the troubles we get through, we took the other towards the future, ready for new challenges.

3. Ancient Spirit:

A heavy song that puts together new influences and sounds. In the lyrics, the lake, in a pantheistic vision, shows itself in all its mystery and charm of a sleeping God, ancient and forgotten, yet daily companion, keeper of secrets and deep truths.

4. Heart Of Lead:

This song is a gloomy mid-tempo with a decadent atmosphere, loosely based on Oscar Wilde's short story "the happy prince". It tells of how this little animal is capable of representing the greatness of freedom and of its indifference towards material goods and its spirit of sacrifice by giving its life for the happiness of others.

5. Lonely:

Lonely is the ballad of the album, written for acoustic guitar and male vocals, which starts soft and gets heavier when the band and the orchestra break-in. The lyric is about a sense of depression and insecurity, the feeling of being wrong with the world outside and being different and outcast.

6. Glide in the air:

One of the most easy-listening songs on the album, with catchy melodies and beating rhythm. Our life is a race, sometimes an obstacle race. We have to put a lot of energy to reach our goals, as in a long climb in the mountains to reach the top. When we get up there, we can finally enjoy the view and be satisfied with ourselves, take a deep breath and dive fearlessly into a new venture.

7. Rain:

This was an instrumental song written so many years ago on a rainy day and stored in a drawer until today, keeping it’s title unchanged. Its peculiarity is the perfect harmony with the weather outside and the sensations experienced by the protagonist and expressed in the lyrics as if they were naturally synchronized.

8. My Soul Sad Until Death:

Freely inspired by the novel "The Executioner" by the Swedish author Pär Lagerqvist. The book tells the figure of the executioner in various historical periods and his role as the bearer of humanity's pain.

9. Firefly:

Firefly is a short interlude for acoustic guitar and strings trio. After a sweet guitar solo, in the second half of the song, Marika starts to sing a nostalgic lyric about memories and childhood. Sometimes just seeing detail in our daily life can remind us of the past and take back bittersweet memories.

10. Red Death Masquerade:

The last song of the album, heavy and symphonic, where the two vocalists alternate in the verses to tell the story. This song is inspired by the horror tale “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe. The main character appears only at the end of this story, but we can feel her presence all the time: the Death, overcomes the weak and the powerful, immune to time and space. This reminds us that we are born and we die equal to each other.

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