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Track By Tracks: Ghost Horizon - The Punishment Of Life (2021)

1. Sunrise & Sorrow (Morning Air):

I worked nights for a couple years, and this song was about the depression that stemmed from that. It was always lonely and tiresome coming home to a silent house.

2. Oozaru:

This was one of those songs I wrote the music to completely based off of whatever emotion I had at the time. I remember feeling pretty good in life at the moment but also felt a strong pull for a melodic black metal style. Early on, the lyrics I wrote sounded like I was talking about the giant ape from Dragonball, so I ended up going with that!

3. The Punishment of Life:

Tyler Allen (who also mixed the album), and some poetry he let me pull some ideas from, so this track was heavily influenced by that. Life really is a pain in the ass though, isn't it?

4. Unholy Conjuration:

I just wanted to make a good old-fashioned black metal song with the essence of Ghost Horizon. Some of the lyrics are almost identical to an incantation from the Necronomicon. Demons coming to fuck shit up is always a good standby.

5. Finality in Brilliance:

Melancholy is the name of the game here. I wanted something beautiful but tragic with this one--not much different from death itself, one might say.

6. Wretched Fiend (The Haunting):

If you've seen the Night on Bald Mountain scene from Fantasia, this song is my musical summation of that.

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