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Track By Tracks: Knecht - Knecht (2021)

1. Transformation:

This was one of the first songs I wrote with my 8 strings. It’s a hard-hitting sludgy mixed-meter riff. With a hint of Tesseract in the middle with the staccato Djenty section. This song represents my transformation into the style that I have developed.

2. Tabernacle Jam:

It’s an upbeat groove that leans more on the classic Prog side. The intro was inspired by Chick Corea”s song Spade.

3. Working Title:

Yes that’s the actual name, the main groove makes you want to nod your head in time. This is my most riff-focused song as it has a lot of polymetric and odd meter sections.

4. Overture:

This is my cover of the Overture from the game Halo Reach. It’s a much more hard-hitting aggressive take on the original.

5. Summer Nights:

I wrote this song to be a breather. It’s calming like a warm summer night, with a loud solo section in the middle. It’s a nice break before the final song.

6. Destruction: 

When I wrote this, I knew this was going to be the finale. It captures everything about my style, with elements from 70s prog rock and modern prog rock.

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