Band Biographies: Hex A.D

Hex A.D.’s music is doomy and heavy, based on heavy guitar riffs. But their music also clearly shows the members’ progressive preferences. The band’s classic rock sound reminds a bit of the 1970s, without being retro.
Their latest album «Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden» has taken the music to new heights, and the feedback from press and fans alike has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s safe to say that Hex A.D. has established themselves as a massive force on the Scandinavian hard rock scene.
Frontman Rick Hagan composes both lyrics and melodies, I addition to being the band’s guitarist. On stage, the band emphasizes spontaneity and improvisation, and this is where the magic really happens. Organ and mellotron are handled by maestro Mags Johansen, who for a number of years has been working closely with Jon Lord from Deep Purple, and if there is one person who really knows what it means to play on the edge, it must be him. This love for the spontaneous and intense is also shared by the band’s rhythm section; bassist ‘Arry Gogstad and drummer Matt Hagan prefer it loud, dangerous, and alive.
Several of the band members have for a number of years been touring in Europe and Asia with artists like Blaze Bayley, Paul Di’Anno, Geoff Nicholls, Bernie Marsden, Ripper Owens, and Rowan Robertson, known for his time in Dio. Robertson has on several occasions been a guest with Hex A.D. on stage.
For Hex A.D. Freshphoria handles both management, booking, and PR. Please contact us for further information, booking, or interview requests.
In addition to this, the band’s latest albums, «Netherworld Triumphant» and «Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden», are released by Fresh Tea and designed by Euphoria Studio, with band photos taken by Arash Taheri.

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