Band Biographies: Seeking Sirens

High-energy metalcore outfit Seeking Sirens are thrilled to announce the impending release of their next single, "Splinter" arriving on most digital platforms in tandem with a brand new music video! Tastefully blending bone-crunching riffs, southern soul and bouncing rhythm, “Splinter” is a highly engaging and infectious new track.

The band comments: “Folks can expect a much more aggressive composition than our recent debut: Heavy, scathing, with some serious groove and a lyrical direction focused on the innate capacity within us all to flourish in spite of struggle and tribulations. We hope listeners enjoy the high energy and dialed-up heaviness, and we also hope the lyrical content resonates with those who have had to stand up to their friends in their lifetimes, which can be infinitely harder than standing up to their enemies.”

The band formed after a long-awaited collaboration between lead guitarist /recording engineer Kevin Wilson with master facilitator and maniac vocalist Joseph Izayea. As a duo, the two artists recorded a slew of singles throughout the pandemic, slated for release throughout the year. Drummer Andy Jolliffe and bassist Ryan Lambert joined the fray to round out the roster and bring the concept to life. The result: a coupling of massive guitars and vocals with energy that shakes with in-your-face rhythm and a powerfully subtle groove.

As proven by their high intensity and commitment to their craft, the band will continue to utilize their creative prowess as they release more content in the coming months. Despite the lack of shows, Seeking Sirens will continue to carve their own path with more singles and videos as they find their place in the post-pandemic music scene.

Seeking Sirens’ “Splinter” will be available on all major streaming platforms on August 6th and the band will be releasing a music video in tandem via YouTube.

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