Band Biographies: Stozhar

The Yaroslavl group Stozhar was formed in 2005. Initially, it consisted of two people: Yarosvet and Elena Lebedeva. At the same time the first demo "Pagan Rus" was recorded. In 2007, Elena Lebedeva left the group.

In 2009, the full lineup of the group was recruited, and the team began rehearsals, and then give their first concerts. During the period 2009-2010, Stozhar performed on the same stage with such teams as Krynitsa, Grandchildren of Svyatoslav, Ros, Nebyro, Yaros, Rigorism and others.

In 2010, new changes are coming in the composition, which is finally completed. Work begins on recording a full-length album.

In 2011, the group ceases to perform for six months. At the beginning of 2012, she resumes active concert activity. The team performs in various cities of the central part of Russia and shares the stage with such bands as Negură Bunget, Butterfly Temple, Nevid, Rarog, Path of the Sun, Kalevala, Stigmatic Chorus, Skolot, Smut, Krada, Oprich, Izmoroz, Emerald Night, Vedan Kolod and many others.

The recording of the album is delayed due to adjustments in the sound; live folk instruments are being recorded. The album, titled "Not One Step Back", is out on Stygian Crypt Productions in April 2013. A number of concerts are held in support of the album. In 2014, the group begins recording the second full-length album "Glory to Perun", which is later released on the Stygian Crypt Productions label. In the process of recording the album "Glory to Perun", the next line-up changes take place, and the guitarist Evgeniy leaves the group. But despite the problems with the line-up, the group is actively performing both in Russia and abroad. In 2015, preparations begin for the recording of the third full-length album, which will be somewhat different from the previous ones - the lyrics completely belong to the pen of the poet Mrak Mstivoy, with whom the group begins to work on the album "Glory to Perun", there are even more live instruments, a live accordion, flutes are recorded, bagpipes, etc. In 2016, the album "Hammer of Thunderstorms in the Twilight of Battles" is released, which continues the stylistic line of the collective. Active performances continue. In 2019, the album "Cold of battles into the arms of winter" is released, which becomes somewhat different in sound - more atmospheric and technical. The lyrics continue to be written by the Darkness of the Avenger. When designing this release, the group begins to collaborate with the Rybinsk artist Lyubov Sherstneva. The album received high marks from listeners. In 2020, the group will release a number of singles, and also begin work on a new full-length album.

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