Behind The Artworks: Disconnected Souls - Warning Elements (2021)

The artwork for our EP Warring Elements was designed by the fantastic artist Simon Atkinson - Simon A Visuals. We wanted something dramatic and thought provoking. It shows humanity in its small, insignificant state in comparison to the universe around and beyond us. If you look closely a small human figure can be seen in the centre of the art. We get so caught up in the small aspects of life, we forget that we are all part of something much bigger, something that exists far beyond our comprehension. The explosion at the centre is one of many interpretations of the elements at war. It's ethereal and otherworldly. We like the idea that everyone who sees our art will notice something different with all the small details hidden throughout.

If you've purchased our EP on CD (which you can find on our Bandcamp!) you'll get to see the expansion of the art across the disk and booklet. The colour scheme draws on space and ideas of the otherworldly. It's bright and colourful, which our music is in many ways, but also hints at the dark side of our sound.

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