Behind The Artworks: Fleshtorture - Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (2021)

All started a few months ago before the process of recording, we were thinking about the album's name and artwork design. We had many ideas, but they were not concrete, until after recorded demo “CanibalismoEclesiastico” (Ecclesiastical Cannibalism) we decided that the artwork thematic would go along the same lines as the song. We met and discussed the album's name, we had initially thought as "Sinfonia de la Perversidad" (Symphony of Perversity) but then we thought it was a very simple title, we wanted something more detailed, more grotesque that would get along with song titles and we realized that the word "Grotesque" was the key that would give us the idea of naming it "GrotescaDoctrina de la Perversidad" (Grotesque Doctrine of Perversity).

Then came the artwork process, our manager Joi was the one who helped us to hire the right artist for this project, but before that, we would have to detail what we wanted on that cover.

The concept was discussed among all members of the band, we reached an agreement on how we wanted it, our guitarist Rene Schock took charge of translating the idea into a sketch sending it to our manager Joi, who sent it to John QuevedoJanssens, the artist who He would be in charge of making the design based on the sketch. The day we saw it finished we were excited, we never imagined that it would be something so spectacular, as an idea had been transformed into a great work of art.

John Quevedo is a Venezuelan artist who has spent more than a decade dedicating himself to perfecting his drawing technique based on acrylic paints, and we are very satisfied with the result. "GrotescaDoctrina de la Perversidad" is backed by an exquisite artwork that gives a plus to the album, being the perfect complement to be an excellent death metal album.

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