Behind The Tracks: All Good Things - The Comeback ft Craig Mabbit (Escape The Fate) (Single) (2021)

Band’s quote: We wrote this song on the plane on the way back from New York when Better Noise offered us a record deal. There was a mix of emotions for us: we were super excited at being able to take our music to the next level with a record label and at the same time, devastating wildfires were destroying much of California and people were losing their homes and everything they owned. The song is about finding a new path when you think all your options are shot, but also it’s about coming together and rebuilding from the ashes.

CRAIG MABBITT (ESCAPE THE FATE): “I love working on music. I love hearing new music. I love singing new songs” Mabbitt added. “It’s always flattering to be invited into someone else’s creative vision. I’ve recently become an All Good Things fan because I think they’re doing something really cool, and it’s just an added bonus that we are label family”

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