Behind The Tracks: Falling Through April - Paralyzed (Single) (2021)

“Paralyzed” is the opening track off of our upcoming album to be released later this year. We wrote this song to intentionally be the heaviest track we’ve written to date as we dive into the heavy feeling of being paralyzed. The lyrical content is metaphorical in the sense of paralysis. We wrote this to really focus on the feeling of be paralyzed by depression, mental illness, anxiety, etc.

Mental illness is something that a lot of people suffer from but more often than people realize a lot of times the expression of how it affects them is suppressed and kept private or hidden. Maybe it is for fear of being judged or mocked? Maybe it is because of the feeling of mental paralysis while self dealing with these thoughts and emotions?

The writing process for “Paralyzed” was so organic. We literally wrote and recorded this song in 2 days. It started with an eBow, which is a piece of equipment that lets you strum your guitar with a laser so it sounds like a violin. Our guitarist, Dan, really wanted to put something like that in a song. So he started playing around and then our producer was like “that sounded kinda cool.. Let’s mess around with that”. Everything else just came together one right after another. Ironically, the eBow part clashed with another layer of instrumentation and we ended up taking it out.. But it served its purpose, by kicking off the writing process at least!

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