Behind The Tracks: Supreme Unbeing - At The End Of The Day (Single) (2021)

General background:

Supreme Unbeing untangles complex questions and philosophical quandaries and presents them as simple, yet heavy, messages of truth.

Track background:

"I Can’t Help You (The Realm Version)" tells the story about the history of humankind, at least what is currently recognized as the true history (even though it’s really not, but that’s another story for later…). We have become so numb and dull as a species that we have a hard time understanding the meaning of life, just following the rest of the flock blindly, as we have lost our faith in ourselves. Our inner powers are diminishing by the day as we wander the Earthly plane with false beliefs.

Underlying message:

When our faith is lost, we tend to see things as only black or white, no color, no joy. We stand idly by as time passes, and silently await for a savior to give us all the answers so that we can regain the joy and happiness we once possessed. Time will pass and history keeps unfolding… …while you search for the answers to restore your lost faith, the answers you already keep inside but are trying so hard not to understand! Understanding your thoughts leads to the choice of any actions that can spiral your life into a better direction.

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