Track By Tracks: Cult Burial - Oblivion (2021)

1. Oblivion:

This track sets the tone for the new material from Cult Burial. I've wanted to include more atmosphere and non-guitar sounds in the tracks, as the the first album was almost exclusively guitars, bass and drums. The track is almost 10 minutes long, so there's a lot going on, in terms of loudness and speed of the song, but the idea is to give the space and portrayal of moods of the lyrics as we shift through the different segments of the song. On the debut album, the tracks were mostly 4 to 5 minutes long, I wouldn't have attempted something like this before, but this is the direction the second album will go in. Stick with the intro...

2. Parasite:

Parasite was constructed entirely off the back of the opening bass riff. "As I stand on the edge of the precipice, I look down at this world in his bleakness" and then it breaks after a long interlude into a new section with more hope and Cesar screaming "strive", but the track reverts back to "Meaningless life, meaningless existence" and the feeling of hopelessness that's through the tracks. I still nod my head when the solo kicks in and I've heard it hundreds of times, I reckon that's a good sign.

3. Paralysed:

A song about fear and not knowing why you do certain things. This was the first track written after the first album tracks were done. I can't remember how the riff came around. I think I picked up a new guitar and that was the first thing that came out and it worked for a track. This was originally fast blastbeats all the way through for a full 5 minutes, but it got pretty painful to listen to so it got toned down a little....the solo drums are even a bit jazzy, which again I wouldn't have done in the first album. Full speed on the drums at the end though...

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