Track By Tracks: Every Hour Kills - Vacua (2021)

1. Palindrome 2:01:

An instrumental intro that gives a good idea of the heavy and technical elements to come.

2. Vacua 3:28:

The 1st song written for the EP with extreme low tuned riffs and nihilistic vocals.

3. Euclidian 2:57:

This song smashes together ‘normal’ EHK with the new vibe, with heavier sections and more melodic elements juxtaposed.

4. Tenebrous 3:34:

Another genre-crossing track with elements of synthwave and clean vocals in the verses crossed with heavy chugs and breakdowns.

5. Intransigent 4:08:

Closing out the EP with the heaviest song we’ve ever written, the lyrics encompass the concepts of chaos and infinity.

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