Track By Tracks: Spirit Bomb - Tight (2021)

What is Spirit Bomb?

It is above all a trans-media project that combines Rock and comics. The universe is symbolically described in music and then developed into an epic adventure under the pen and pencil by Pierre "Gotto" Legay supported by Arnaud Duquesne, guitarist of the group and composer.

Spirit Bomb is the story of a coline world that heads straight into a wall. We're going follow five bomb-headed characters who try, in their own way, to save the world. Crab riders, giant spiders and a wall that delivers his thoughts, such are the delusional ingredients of this teeming world.

Songs from the album:

1. Take it:

A big digest of Rock 'n Roll, an overview of the style, the big riff, the hip-hop and the groove. We open with a large potato. A piece to take as it comes. A cover premiere.

2. Come out:

An invitation to leave home, to appropriate the street, to discover its mysteries. Based on a groovy beat and a rock chorus, welcome outside!

3. Come in:

A key to entering the universe of Spirit Bomb is an introspective song that explains that nothing is clear, that we have no choice but to take the time, when we have it not, and that's the cool part. Influences from hip-hop, reggae and Drum 'n Bass.

4. Each:

A title on the potential of each. A cry of fed up with the wait-and-see attitude. A big finger lifted towards lukewarmness, with a unifying chorus and a moving-ass rhythm.

5. Bad words:

Slow blues sensitive, this song is about the powerlessness of words, the power of art. A big vocal perf 'doubled by the ego of the guitarist.

6.Take my land:

Melting pot of influences with blues, soul, gospel, country, music from Eastern Europe, and 70s-tinged rock. A raw reflection on property, culture, and the place of companies.

7. Brand new scars:

Back to big rock with this squeaky intro. Riff, slow groove, and a dip in the field of possibilities. An ode to experiences and their consequences.

8. Talk (intro):

This is an intro, someone is going to speak to a wall that is going to express themselves in the song next.

9. Breack a brick:

It's here.

10. Bababudda:

An evocative title, which speaks for itself. A good headline to kick off as a group. When police riots.

An evocative title, which speaks for itself. Hardcore electro breakbeat influences and Saharan.

11. One spirit one bomb:

An evocative title, which speaks of ... no, I'm kidding.

Do to make the pregnant vomit. A history of the world of comics. A hymn to chanting without restraint.


This refined walk, tinged with folk, sub-Saharan music or even blues, we takes him to the Sand Dunes, in a chase where the narrator is the prey.

The 13th will surprise you.

There are 13 tracks but actually there are 12 tracks. Wesh.

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