Track By Tracks: Stozhar - Dukhom Svobody, ​Razryvaia Okovy (2021)

Breaking the shackles with the spirit of freedom-the title track of the album tells that any restrictions and obstacles can be destroyed if you really want to, if a person is strong in spirit, he can do everything.
Pre-winter trizna-tells about the arrival of winter, the fury of a blizzard, a fierce frost, about the onset of God's time.
On the threshold of new achievements-a track about the strength of the spirit, the indomitable will of the heroes who are changing our world.
The fallen warrior-the song tells about glorious feats, about victory at the cost of life, about the contempt of the fear of death.
The song about the past-tells about the past times, about the pagan worldview of our ancestors, about its inevitable revival.
The cold of an autumn morning-tells about the death of a Slavic warrior, about heroism, self-sacrifice for the sake of higher ideals.

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