Band Biographies: Banned In G.B.G

Banned in G.B.G started as a studio project in the fall of 2018. Fast and loose riffs became songs and studio musicians became band members!

The line-up might be relatively new, but the members have all been around for a while making noise on the underground rock scene of Gothenburg, Sweden.

With a host of different musical backgrounds in the band it became not a compromise but an "uncompromise" with the sound!

Line up:

Paul V. on vocals (Tornado Babies, Not Enough Hate)
Zee on bass (On Parole, Smash it up)
Joke on guitar (The Nuts)
Rat on guitar (Cherokee Death Cats, Ladida)
Tommie on drums (Nissses Nötter (Swedens youngest punkband ever), Stillborn (with Messiah Marcolin ex. Candlemass)

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