Behind The Artworks: EVIL SPELL - Padre Vostro (2021)

Well, are you listening to the record? Well done! Now let's talk about the piece of plastic and paper you are holding.
Following a narrative vein, in Nekrology we see the burning church; now you are inside and who do you find in front of you? The four of us intent on devastating, vandalizing and molesting all that is sacred. In order: Gigi knocks down the cross, Paul rising onto the altar begins a satanic rite, Igor writes Padre Vostro in the nave, and Filo armed with chains distributes blows and contempt for anyone who is in the house of YOUR god.
The realization of the drawing was made by Dario Parolini - DP Arts - a friend who draws for various realities, from comics to video games and festivals of various kinds.
The photos were taken by GIOVA, a longtime friend always ready to follow us in strange places to take pictures. All the text in the booklet were written by hand and then digitalized by Filo ... In short, even in the booklet we tried to do everything by ourselves or by trusted friends.
Padre Vostro is a zero kilometer record from music to graphics, drawings and so on, all homemade, precisely to put something original on the market. It could even make some purist, bigot, whiney know-it-alls turn up their noses, the kind who always exhort with phrases like: yeah but if the cover wasn't drawn by xxx you are nobody, and if you don't record at xxx studio you are not worth anything, and if the production didn't get done by xxx it means that you don't count... And this toxic mentality is destroying the underground in our opinion... records all the same, same sounds, same graphics, same imprint... many releases, all copy & paste.
We EvilSpell always try to do everything with our abilities... if you like it you can like it, if you don't like it you can lick it.

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