Behind The Artworks: Fierce Cult - Where Humanity Ends (2021)

Since the very first beginning of the creation process of the album (I’m going back to 2019, pre-covid era), the first idea for the concept of the album was a rotting society and how lack of ethics and greed bring isolation and self-slavery to modern social standards (later the pandemic just reconfirmed this concept and idea), and on the other hand we have always liked the cover artworks that include paintings or other forms of traditional art in their covers. So with these two ideas in mind we started searching for painters whose work included these type of concepts (disrupted society, apocalypse,…) and after a couple of weeks searching, we found this painting from Zdzislaw Beksinski, that in terms of visuals fitted perfectly with our concept (ochre tones, rough traces, deformed forms, surrealism), but when we find out more about the story behind Beksinskis and his work, was them when we realized that this was the perfect cover for “Where Humanity Ends”: A man that during the first part of his life was a successful architect, but in some point of his life he said fuck-off to his comfortable life and career in the construction business and decided to give the rest of his life to his art, he also died in strange circumstances murdered in his own house, leaving no family behind and a few days before his murder, some people claim that he tried to burn most of his unsold work. Most of his work is not even titled, …

So this duality displayed during his whole life and art, fits just perfectly with the concept of the music and the lyrics of “Where Humanity Ends”, even before the album was in musical terms completed the cover artwork was decided, which is a clear explanation of the fascination and the impact that this painting influenced us during the whole creation process of “Where Humanity Ends”.

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