Behind The Artworks: I Was Born Twice - Nemiza (2021)

Album cover is very minimalistic. All the signs are taken from Pagan runes and symbols, as the name of the album is Nemiza - which is the goddess of the death. Pagans don't see her as someone bad or sad, on the contrary - she symbolizes the end of something, end of suffering, the better new begining and I see this album that way. I have become officialy pagan myself, I stopped being ashamed or scarred of opinion about it, faced the truth of my believes and I moved on with this project with passion that will let me do music to the end of my life. I faced maligant cancer, and lived through. I faced more hate for not being "standard metalhead" than you can't imagine. I faced death of my dad when I was working on this album, and I finished it for him. Nothing will stop me, and I'm ending my former problems behind me, with Nemiza as my symbol and patreon. Green color is the color of hope... and hope is what saves the day. So you have it, black/green minimalistic explanation of the album and our live uniforms look.

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