Behind The Artworks: The Magic Bus - Το Κάστρο (2021)

Our album’s artwork is actually combined with two different pieces of art, one for the front and one for the back of the CD package! On the front piece, there’s a kid leaving the pale urban place back, ready to go out and play. It’s somehow dressed as a knight, bearing a wooden sword and shield. On its leg, there’s a chain ending on a ticking clock. On the back piece, there’s a dream castle, as we see it from the kid’s eyes and the kid is running towards it, playing. As you understand the whole artwork is about the childhood years, when we could easily leave the boring reality and play everywhere with anything, being limited only by our own imagination! The clock has been always there though, with every tick getting us a bit closer to manhood, because childhood cannot last forever...

In addition, there are a couple details referential to the band and album itself, like the bus stop sign (since we’re The Magic Bus!) and many words on the city walls, shop signs, and hotel names which are actually our songs’ titles - a small tribute to Iron Maiden as we’d like to see it!).

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